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Why choose Elite?


There are many possibilities when it comes to choosing a dance school.

To ensure you’re getting the best possible training, consider the following aspects:

Professional Faculty

There are no requirements or licenses required in opening or teaching at a dance studio. Elite recognizes this and has developed their own criteria in the selection process of hiring new instructors. Our instructors are professional or former professional dancers. They have received dance degrees from universities and continue to train in the dance field. Several of our instructors are current performers with Chicago-based companies offering a vast knowledge of the present dance world and network.

Dancer-Safe Studio

The health and safety of our students is of utmost importance.



  •  CPR/First Aid/AED certified

  • Trained in emergency preparedness and adheres to a code of conduct/safety handbook

  • Held to ongoing training and discussions regarding dancers' safety, injury prevention, and mental health


  • Sprung dance floors
  • Quality acrobatic mats
  • Paddle lock doors
  • Video security surveillance

Fun For ALL

We are dedicated to the art of dance and all the dance world has to offer. For the more serious dancer, we have a professional training program that will prepare students for a career in dance.  We also love to share our talent with those who just want to dance for fun!

Meet Our Team

As our Academy grows, so does our need for professional instructors. If you teach any of the forms we offer or something new (yoga, pilates, ballroom, etc.), please send your resume to

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