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who are we?

We are a school dedicated to providing a quality dance education in a professional setting.

We are a positive family encouraging dedication, bravery, and open minds. 

We are educators that have been handpicked, all with current, relevant skills and experience in the dance field. 

We are professionally trained students with high self-esteem, self-discipline, and self-respect. 

We are committed to providing a school with high expectations and the means to reach those goals.


Our Programming




Elite is now like their second home and when we needed them most, they were there for us. The staff pour their heart and soul into the studio and everyone there can see it. I really cannot thank them enough.  I know that when they walk in those doors that they are loved and cared for, having a great time and learning amazing dance moves and choreography.  I would highly recommend anyone with an aspiring dancer to check out Elite!
The owners and staff are exceptional! This school is well organized and they cherish their dancers of all ages and levels.  My daughters have participated in this school since 2011 and would never go elsewhere for dance! 
 I don’t know what you all are doing but you have changed her life!
Over the years the staff has consistently provided our daughter with a top notch dance education adapting and growing with the ever changing times. In addition to quality dance instruction, Elite gives each student the opportunity to grow socially and emotionally. The instructors take great pride in their career and that pride shines through in the love and care displayed for their students. Elite truly has become a second home for our daughter. We couldn’t be more pleased with our choice of dance studios. 
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