Why Choose Elite Dance Academy?

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Elite Dance Academy is a school dedicated to the ART of dance.

We teach life skills through dance education. We offer our students the tools to become not only successful artists and athletes, but well-rounded, disciplined, and emotionally healthy individuals. We are committed to safety and wellness, inclusivity, and current and relevant training. We are a family of passionate individuals dedicated to making a positive impact on our community.


“I love everything about Elite, the classes, the teachers, the dancers, the family.”

Melissa G. (Mother of two Elite dancers)


“Any child wanting to experience the beauty and fun found in the art of dance should look no further!”

Tammy B. (Mother of two Elite dancers)


“I have been very impressed with the nurturing way the teachers push all students to achieve their potential whether dance is natural for them or not.”

Melissa G. (Mother of two Elite dancers)


“The lessons I have learned at Elite go far beyond dance and I will carry them with me forever. Elite has given me a gift that I will always cherish.”

Emily C (Elite Dancer)


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