Why ChooseElite Dance Academy?

There are many choices when it comes to choosing a dance school. To ensure you’re getting the best possible training consider the following aspects:


Limited Class Sizes

All of our classes are limited to a maximum number of students dependent on age. This guarantees that all our students are receiving the attention they deserve.


Professional Faculty

There are no requirements or licenses required in opening or teaching at a dance studio. Elite recognizes this and has developed their own criteria in the selection process of hiring new instructors. Our instructors are professional or former professional dancers. Many have received dance degrees from universities and continue to train in the dance field. Several of our instructors are current performers with Chicago based companies offering a vast knowledge of the present dance world and network.


Dancer Safe Studio

The health and safety of our students is very important. Because of the physical aspect of dance, it is important that dancers dance on a floor made just for them. All of our studios are equipped with sprung floors. This means they are raised approximately 2 inches off the floor allowing the floor to give slightly as the dancers move and jump making it less likely for dancers to suffer from back, knee, and hip injuries.


Fun for All

We are dedicated to the art of dance and all the dance world has to offer. For the more serious dancer we have a professional training program dedicated to preparing the dancer for a career in dance. However, we also love to share our talent with those who just want to dance for fun.

Who We Are

Elite Dance Academy is a school dedicated to the ART of dance. We are a positive family encouraging dedication, courage, and open minds. We are educators that have been hand-picked, all with current, relevant skills and experience in the dance field. We are professionally trained students with high self-esteem, self-discipline, and self-respect and we are committed to providing a school with high expectations and the means to reach those goals.