What do I do if my dancer has tested positive for COVID-19? Please notify us immediately at We ask that you include when your dancer was at the studio, when symptoms (if present) began, and when the positive test was obtained. The COVID-positive individual should remain in home isolation as instructed by the LHD. We will follow up with next steps and ask you to reach out to close contacts as it pertains to Elite. We assure you that any information provided by Elite to your dancer’s class will maintain confidentiality.

What if someone in my child’s dance class tests positive for COVID-19? You will be notified immediately if your teacher or a student in your class tests positive. Elite will maintain confidentiality, but will include information on next steps in response to the positive case. If your dancer is considered a close contact, you will be emailed separately. If you are NOT notified separately, you should assume your dancer was not a close contact and your student can attend dance class(es) as normal at your discretion.

What if my dancer has been in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 at Elite or otherwise? If your dancer is considered a close contact of an Elite dancer with COVID-19,  you will be notified by them, their parents, or Elite staff. Close contacts who are fully vaccinated and/or asymptomatic should get tested 3-7 days after possible exposure and continue to wear their mask properly at Elite. If symptoms develop, they should isolate and get tested immediately. Close contact does not include individuals who tested positive for COVID-19 within prior 90 days and are currently asymptomatic. We will ask for proof of a negative test (rapid or PCR) before returning to dance. Thank you for your cooperation. 

What indicates a close contact as it applies to Elite? Per the IDPH, students in classrooms where proper mask use can be observed, contacts within 3 to 6 feet of a confirmed or probable case do not require exclusion as long as both the case and the contact were consistently masked. Elite staff will be diligent in encouraging proper mask use, but we ask that you and your dancer are equally as conscientious on Elite property or at Elite events where a staff member is not present.

Decisions for temporary closure will be made by Elite staff if necessary. This initial short-term closure allows time for us to gain a better understanding of the situation or prevent an outbreak in our studio. If a temporary closure occurs, dancers may make up classes within 90 days in their level or below.